The Lostness of Mankind (Part 6)

The Conclusion

I have attempted to look at the biblical meaning of "lostness" as it relates to the unconverted in their present condition, their intermediate situation at death and their final state in the resurrection at the last day.

When the unconverted die, their souls go out into immediate and conscious suffering. At the resurrection, their unredeemed bodies will be raised from the grave and reunited with their unregernerate and tormented souls. And all of those thus resurrected will be confined to a region where there is no hope, no end, and no morally upright beings to hold the balance against evil. It is a place where nothing good can follow them—no holy beauty; no no virgin innocency; no guiltless, guileless love of parents, spouse, child, brother, Friend. It is a place of no virtue, no decency ever, none of the decorum there that at least serves to make vice less hideous. It is a place where there is no restraining providence of God—no interference by God at all.

Hell will be a congregation of the unsaved, in the unregenerate state in which they died, driven together into one settlement. There all the cruel acts of men will be played out remorselessly. Cannibals, headhunters rapists, murderers, dope fiends, sodomites, rioters, the lawless, liars and all the other varieties of unsaved men and women will be there. Added to that will be the tormenting demons, the unquenchable fire and the continual weeping and knashing of teeth. In that place and condition they will exist forever.

This certain, terrifying and eternal condition of the lost is a, vital and powerful motivation for evangelism.

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