The Lostness of Man

It is becoming increasingly difficult to take a firm theological stand on the slippery slope of religious pluralism in the Western world. But in this compact treatise on the most critical theological issue of this century, former C&MA President Dr. Louis L. King has taken a stand squarely on the clarity of Scripture as it relates to the eternal destiny of all people.

He has done it in his characteristic style—thorough, clear, and without compromise. His discerning resistance to the multicultural milieu, the attractive appeal to impeccable human logic and the growing peer pressure of high profile evangelical theologians makes him a prophetic voice at the end of this, the greatest missionary century.

  1. The Source of Our Knowledge of Mankind's Lostness

  2. The Present State of People without Christ

  3. The Intermediate State of People without Christ

  4. The Resurrection State of People without Christ

  5. What About Those Who Have Not Heard of Jesus?

  6. The Conclusion